Story of Silk Sleepwear & its Luxury

Silk Sleepwear is everywhere. In movies, where flaunting riches are emphasized, actors are seen wearing luxurious silk gowns and robes. Can’t believe it? Try noticing for yourself. has put in an effort to gather 10 of the Best Sleepwear Moments in Movies.

Actress wearing silk robe

Rosalind Russell wearing Silk robe in a movie scene

Silk sleepwear has been associated with luxury throughout the ages. It is believed that silk was developed by a Chinese Empress, Leizu. It was initially reserved for Emperors of China of their personal use as well for gifting purposes.

So, technically speaking, what makes silk sleepwear? Silk has absorbency properties that makes it a perfect material of clothing and bedding, in every season. It is comfortable to wear in warm weather, and its low conductivity keeps body heat close to skin in cold weather, also because of its texture and luster, it rapidly became a popular luxury fabric throughout the world.

Now, there is a difference between wild/raw silk and Mulberry silk. Wild silk, also called Habotai silk is extracted from silkworms that feed on leaves of trees other than Mulberry. This causes silk to have variations; resulting in shorter strand and inconsistent texture as well as color. Mulberry silk is obtained from silkworms which are fed only on leaves of Mulberry trees. This consistent intake results in extraction of the finest quality silk made up of long fibers, and pure white in color, making it easier to dye.

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