Hello there! Wondering about the company that offers premium quality Mulberry Silk Pillowcases at such hot prices? We are Mervsilk™!

If there is ever a product that provides a holistic solution to dry skin, frizzy hair and wrinkled skin, it is undoubtedly silk. The smooth textured qualities of silk enables it to reduce friction that causes signs of aging and helps keep skin hydrated by reducing moisturizer absorption. It even prevents static and frizzy hair by providing a smooth, silky texture that prevents sebum production in hair. Thus, moisture is restores, leaving your hair feeling soft and smooth.

Mervsilk™ was established to offer pure, luxurious Mulberry Pillowcases to clients in the USA. To ensure highest quality, these pillowcases are OKEO TEX -100 Certified and tested for harmful chemicals. Each Pillowcase is simply packed to reduce material wastage, and offer cost savings to our customers.

Now that these wonderful prices make sense, put your shopping gloves on and shop away!

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Team Mervsilk™

Mervsilk Luxury Pillowcases

The Best Pillowcovers… For Sound Sleep Lovers!



Luxury Pillow Case Made Entirely With 100% Pure Mulberry Long Strand Silk, 19 momme (Grade 6A – Highest Quality).

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Recommended by dermatologists; natural silk pillowcases are breathable and great for preventing wrinkles and dry skin.